Motorcyclists in Maryland are always asking the question…

WHERE CAN WE RIDE? We want to ride legally in a space that is right for us. A place we feel is a safe environment that one can teach a new rider – hone their skills or simply let loose and kick up some dirt! Whatever moves you to ride – if you are in the state of Maryland the “Free-State” as it is called – well quite frankly you may not feel so free.

Places to ride seem harder to find – do we just resign to the fact that we need to pack our trucks and head to neighboring states to ride our machines?…Or is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Marylander’s this is your ACTION ALERT! Please check out this LINK and take action by contacting your newly elected Governor Larry Hogan and the DNR Secretary Mark Belton. This LINK is an easy way to let them know that you and your family want to enjoy the ride in Maryland – be pro-active and get involved to protect your rights to ride as well as the future of the sports you hold dear. MD RIDE.


AMA Gets The Finger!

Note – I’m not saying which finger…

If you have spent any amount of time in competitive motorcycle racing – chances are pretty high that you have become a member of the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association). Chances are also pretty high that you have had your distaste for the organization at one time or another – for one reason or another. We all have our AMA horror stories – I personally have been witness to  AMA Pro Racing debacles during  some of the most difficult racing years my man has experienced – yet we move on.

With social media outlets and forums I also have read many other racers voice their opinions about the AMA; some good – some not so good and some down right rude.

Since we are all entitled to form our own opinions through the events that shape them – no one will ever agree 100% one way or the other however I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject…

These are just a few of the reasons why the finger that I choose to use when the discussion of the

American Motorcyclist Association comes up is a “Thumbs Up”…


While many people talk about feeling that they are forced to join – I feel it is a privilege to be a member. I learned first hand how important the organization is to have on your side when issues like the ones listed above come up. $49 per year to help keep the hard work in Washington D.C., Ohio and California going as well as something as usable as roadside assistance for all your vehicles and all the many other benefits are well worth it for me. But you don’t have to be a member to utilize the great resource they are – so if you can not afford it you can still benefit from it and possibly volunteer to help some of the great causes and issues.

Have you heard that expression  people use… “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” ? Well those that will take a few personal issues that may have happened and do not try to remedy them or simply decide it’s cooler to just bad mouth the organization that has a team fighting for their rights to ride is doing just that.

None of us are perfect – but we really need to try to stick together and support those that are trying to support the sport we love.

In the big picture hopefully people will remember – it is a huge task and does take an army – so if you think there is a problem than try to become part of the solution for the future of Motorcycling.

~Nancy Sabater

There are many other individuals, groups, clubs organizations that do great work on behalf of Motorcyclists – Thank You for all you are doing!


Promoter Awareness Inspired

I attended a Mountain State Hare Scramble Series race at CJ’s Raceway September 28, 2014 – and this will without a doubt be the last race of theirs that I will ever attend.

Which Way Do We Go?!

The day started off nice enough – it was a beautiful sunny day at this picturesque farm in West Virginia. My man was looking forward to this race to keep him tuned into his bike – because the following weekend he was planning to race Round 12 of the GNCC Series (Powerline Park). I decided to gear up and race as well – this would be our first time since racing the Perry Mountain 24 hour Challenge Race in Alabama, that we would be racing at the same time. After this we have decided that this will be the last time that he and I will race on the same track at the same time – except maybe for that 24 Hour Challenge Race.

I was riding my race just trying to get through the course – the woods were slick – some uphills were like ice and some ruts that I unfortunately chose to ride through seemed bottomless and caused me trouble. I also had been having some false neutral problems – which is never good…None the less I was happy to be on my bike and enjoying the ride – even when it is a struggle for me, I learn and feel that I become a better rider from these experiences and for me, I race because racing  forces me to push myself – I can’t chicken out of a section – I need to buck up and tackle it!

While I was still getting through my first lap – there was drama unfolding that I was totally oblivious to. I was approaching the pit area headed to the race trailer to get scored and a man jumped out of the track in-front of me waving me down. I pulled over and he told me that my husband wanted me to park my bike and stay at the trailer and wait for him. He told me the race was going to be re-started because there was a problem on the course and people were running into each-other.

I waited for a while and then finally my man met me at the trailer explaining to me what was going on. He said while he was racing working on catching the pro class guys he came around a corner and seen there had been a head on collision. As the guys were getting up and he slowly passes them and is wondering what is going on – he then himself almost has a head on as another racer comes up on him completely unaware of the situation. He then tries  to wave the oncoming racers to slow down because there is trouble ahead and then he turns around trying to figure out what is going on and which direction they are supposed to be going. As he follows the others he sees that there have been old trail markers left up from the previous promoters race – he heads up a hill and looks down and witnesses a large group of racers riding around not knowing where to go. His camera captures this footage and it makes me boil inside when I see these guys wandering around – this is incredibly scary – and my man seen horrible injuries occur from this sort of issue. Inside he is worried because he knows that I am on the track and he has no idea where I am and if I have been involved in any type of accident. He rides on backtracking following a couple others and they come across a split on the trail that they had already been through – he can see that there are trail markers in both directions and no ribbon or brush blocking the trail – he can tell that the trail that had been taken by the pros was to the right and as it turns out that was the trail that had been marked by the previous race promoter and a line followed that direction. Again there was no ribbon knocked down. He then takes the left trail option and makes his way to the scoring trailer and tells the people there that they need to re-start the race because people are having head on collisions  – yet while he is over and over explaining this they continue to score racers and send them on their way – never telling them to stay there because of the situation.  Finally the race is stopped  (after 2 laps!) and the trail is fixed – and I have been told that a guy broke his arm and another suffered major damage to his bike.

I make the decision that I will pack up and let my man race – no need to have this sort of added stress to this ridiculous situation. So while at the restart I noticed there seemed to be a few less racers lined up… and then the Promoter has some thing to say before we hear 10 seconds for the second time on this day… “Someone ripped through the ribbon and that is why we had this situation”…or something to that effect… “really?” The race starts and my man wins – I think he may have even won the overall yet after being told to wait while scoring gets sorted collectively for probably about an hour he approaches the promoter after being told he would need to speak with him once the scoring comes back and his name is not on there.

“What’s going on – why am I not scored?” – Your disqualified – because you ran through the ribbon at the scoring trailer.

What a joke and a serious circus! So the guy that demands a re-start and is worried about rider safety and speaks up about it – gets disqualified – you don’t tell him this prior to the re-start – you take his money let him race and then you still don’t go up to him and explain what is going on – he needs to seek you out to find out!

Hands down the worst race I have ever attended – and another kicker is nobody, as usual… stands up and says anything about this…people continue to promote and attend and hand over money. People continue to put trust in a promoter that cuts corners by not being sure past event trail markers are down and ribbon is clearly up or brush piles are up in areas that may be unclear as to which direction the course runs. Its unacceptable.

I have no interest in being a part of this type of circus event nor do I take it lightly that others will continue to support it.

Maybe if people talk about it – promoters will realize that they need to pay closer attention when it comes to safety and the procedures that need to happen when such an instance occurs. People pay for an organized event – they should not have to worry if they are going to turn the corner and run into another racer. I’m just happy nobody was seriously hurt  – we all know that racing has its own dangers yet this sort of issue should not be one of them.

Watch the racer footage here.

This race inspired me to write this.

MX Antix Online Magazine Update!

I am happy to say that MX Antix has added a Moto Patriot link on their site!

I am very excited about this opportunity to reach the youth that ride Motocross and share ideas and different thoughts with them that perhaps they haven’t been thinking about. The month of September’s article is titled“Don’t Sell Yourself Short” which speaks about sponsorship and certain things that should be thought about when looking for companies to sign you on.

I hope that you will share your thoughts on this subject as well.


#becauseitmatters Campaign

A new the Moto Patriot campaign… #becauseitmattersbecauseitmatters
Hi All! In this economy there is growth happening with On-Road Motorcycling and I’ve been thinking that the ranks of the AMA and other Motorcycling advocacy organizations should be expanding with it. This will create more advocates for Motorcyclists. I know first hand that we can work together for the common good in the sports we love and as I have said in the past it doesn’t matter what surface you choose to ride. So I ask the Motorcycle Dealerships to help grow the ranks – because unfortunately Motorcyclists are going to need advocates at some time or another.
There are two sides to the American Motorcyclist Association, the Racing side and the Non-Profit Government Relations side – whose mission statement is “To promote the motorcycling lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling”…
We need to celebrate those that do this! It’s the dealers that have that first encounter with the rider – The dealer that wants to build a re-pore with that customer not just through a sale but through service and support.
So many people get involved in Motorcycling that are completely new to it – and with that they may have no idea about such organizations and why they are important to Motorcycling as a whole.
Why some dealerships do not have AMA links on their websites still makes me cringe.
If you know a dealer that does make it a point to talk about the AMA or such organizations please feel free to attach their link here or tag them in this picture. The #becauseitmatters campaign is not meant as a negative or to make anyone look bad – Rather a way to just say *This could make a difference – you can make a difference – it’s a small step that can make huge strides in Motorcycle Advocacy – which helps our Moto-Community… #becauseitmatters
Thank You ~ Happy Riding!

May 2014 the Moto Patriot “SHOUT OUT”

“Off Road Motorcycle Awareness Month”Motorcycle Awareness

Many States in the past have issued a “Proclamation” promoting motorcycle safety. You may have heard that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month – It seems completely appropriate since we are all ready to shake off winter and head outdoors for some of that fresh spring air. We are not alone in that – Our roads get filled with people cruising around and with Motorcycle ridership increasing – there is a definite need to create a greater awareness for those of us on the road.

When you hear Motorcycle Awareness you very likely think about Motorcyclists on the road and those that share the road with them– however I think we should expand awareness to include the off-road motorcyclist community. Let’s take a look at what an Off-Road Motorcycle Awareness Month Proclamation – might include for those participating in off-road motorcycling including its spectators.

Here is the MOTO PATRIOT Proclamation that the Month of May be forever recognized as

“Off Road Motorcycle Awareness Month”

  • WHEREAS, off-road motorcycling is an increasingly popular family      oriented sport. The general public is more exposed to these sports with      television broadcasting many off-road series races as well as through      social media. With more people wanting to get involved in the sport it is      important to educate and promote basic safety and fundamentals of the      sport. It has been a great avenue to promoting sportsmanship, improving      ones motor skills, promoting good work ethic and increases a child’s      eagerness to be a good student as well as keeping them out of trouble.
  • WHEREAS, many of those that have grown up in the sport of off-road      motorcycling have been known to continue their successes into their      adulthood, thus becoming respected contributors in their communities.
  • WHEREAS, the off-road motorcycling community has numerous      pro-active ambassadors in their sport, there are many great motorcycling      organizations and clubs that promote skill and safety instruction.

Rider – WHEREAS, to use safe equipment and proper safety gear at all times. To understand the facility and organizations rules – regulations and requirements. Understanding and obeying markers and flags. Competing or participating respectfully with others – remembering to treat people as you wish to be treated on and off the course. To never ride above your ability – knowing continued practice will increase your skill. To be a good sport – although it may be a difficult task to hold in your disappointment from time to time it is best to keep a positive attitude and look forward to future events as well as congratulating your competition on a good ride goes a long way. Show appreciation to those that help and encourage you and look for ways to lend them a hand when you can. If you see a potential safety issue make the facility personnel aware – be proactive instead of reactive. Help a young rider improve their skill – remember to be a positive ambassador for your sport as it is a good step to growing the sport as well as protecting the sport.  When you come in contact with Spectators give them room and respect their space as best as you can – keep in mind that these are fans of the sport you participate in and they play an important role in the growth and success of the sport as well – if the opportunity presents itself introduce yourself to some and you may make some new friends and even inspire them to ride!

Spectator – WHEREAS, do not enter the course during its use. To understand that you are responsible for your own safety and riders and facility personnel are the only people allowed on the course. Know that most courses are roped or fenced off – this is simply a reference however there is always a possibility that a rider or bike may come off the course and you need to stay aware at all times.  If you bring children or pets please keep their safety in mind as well -do not allow them to wander unattended. Do not throw objects at the riders or on the course.  If you see a potential problem on the course or anywhere tell the facility personnel. Dress appropriately – although you are there to watch the action, you should be aware that you could get hit with roost in the form of rocks and mud.  If you are anywhere in a “pit area” you need to be aware that riders may be in a time pressed situation and may need to get to their pit quickly – stay aware of your surroundings and respect these riders – give them space to get by.  Obviously you are a fan of the sport – you paid your entrance fees and you’re looking to have an excitement filled day – you’re an important element to the sport as well and if you have a great and safe time you’re most likely going to return possibly with a few more friends!

NOW, THEREFORE, the MOTO PATRIOT, does hereby recognize the month of May as

OFF-ROAD MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS MONTH everywhere there is off-road riding and calls this

observance to the attention of all.


This Proclamation is something that can always be improved upon. I encourage you to think about how you can promote Off-Road Motorcycle Awareness in your moto-community. May is simply one month – however we should encourage motorcycling safety and awareness year-round.  Most of it is just common sense and some of it – well maybe we just don’t think about its importance that often.

Ride Safe & Have Fun!

Nancy Sabater



April’s MOTO PATRIOT Shout Out…

Moto Patriot for April: Levi Kilbarger

Levi Kilbarger photo credit Motocross Action Magazine

Levi Kilbarger
photo credit Motocross Action Magazine

Searching for some GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) updates last week – I stumbled upon news that an XC2 pro racer, Rory Mead from New Zealand had a high speed crash into a tree during  Round 3 -GNCC  in Morganton, North Carolina. Rory was in the final lap of the race holding second place and making a hard charge to the lead when he veered off trail at a high rate of  speed and hit a large tree.  His injury was pretty serious – as early reports indicated he had severe fractures in his neck.

I do not personally know Rory however in this Moto-Community we are family – we are friends. We understand the battles and understand the willingness that it takes to be on top in this off-road sport. We have an unspoken bond through our motorcycles and sport and we will support each other.

Through the articles that I was reading about Rory’s injury I learned that his friend Levi Kilbarger from Ohio, an accomplished  professional Supercross racer had put together a “GO FUND ME” contribution page on Rory’s behalf.  As mentioned – Rory is from New Zealand… very far from home and will surely be in need of help to pay for his medical bills and it was in no time at all that Levi seemed to get right to it – striking while the iron is hot. The posted goal for funding is $40,000 and today I checked the site and saw it is already at $33,000! There has been 449 donations in only 6 days…Amazing! I know that there are very possibly many other people doing other wonderful things on behalf of Rory – today there is to begin an online raffle by Rory Mead’s Team “Dirt Wise” – this raffle will go on through the week and the winners of multiple prizes will be announced after the next GNCC race in South Carolina.

Rory Mead - Dirt Wise - XC2 photo credit Dirt Wise

Rory Mead – Dirt Wise – XC2
photo credit Dirt Wise



The Moto Patriot is a hat any of us can wear or claim when we reach out to do good in our Moto-Community and while many people may not stop to think about it consciously it’s important to continue to give a thumbs up to those that truly reach out to do something special.

There can be no hesitation in you while you are racing Supercross – it’s fast pace and technical attributes do not leave room for any ounce of pause. Your split second decisions can be life changing – and the same can be said to the quick reaction that Rory’s friend Levi took by starting that “Go Fund Me” page. And although perhaps not every visitor to that page has donated – yet perhaps they shared that page with someone who did – or maybe they sent well wishes to someone who is right now frustrated in a hospital bed just willing himself well so he can get back out in the dirt.

In the big picture we may seem small – but we need to know that together we are big and powerful. It doesn’t matter if you are a Supercross Racer, Motocross Racer, GNCC Racer or just Weekend Dirt Warrior – we love to play in the dirt and when one of us gets hurt – we want to help out in the ways that we can so we can get back to the dirt sports we love – together.

Best wishes for a full and fast recovery for Rory Mead and a Big “Thumbs Up” for his riding friend and                               Moto Patriot Levi Kilbarger.

Happy Trails,

Nancy Sabater

March’s MOTO PATRIOT shout out…

MOTO PATRIOT for March – Trey Canard.

Here is the <post> via Trey Canard’s Facebook page that caught my interest and below are my thoughts on it.

Food for thought. Adultery in the act requires two individuals.. This passage could really hit home with us guys out there and I think it should, but I want you ladies to think about this for a minute.. When you want guys to stare at you and you take off more and more clothes to get his attention, do you realize the depth of what is happening? What is happening is your degrading yourself to less than you are and he is mesmerized because naturally he’s attracted to you because you’re beautiful. What I’m saying is this. You’re ultimately searching for his love and approval but what he’s giving is lust and turning you into an object. He will never love you more until he falls in love with the person you are without just being attracted to you physically. Guys respect these ladies enough to not approve of their half naked bodies, they are searching for your approval and you have the ability to tell them that they are more and have more than showing themselves off to everyone who is tempted to look.
 In America we are thankfully able to exercise free speech and while some people choose to use that freedom to talk “trash” and talk about things that aren’t really helpful – It’s nice to hear some critiquing that can actually be helpful and isn’t meant to be hurtful. Trey’s words seemed very heartfelt as he has been in the sport of Motocross and Supercross for many years. That said he has most likely been put in situations or just found himself surrounded by some less than wanted circumstance – unfortunately that is unavoidable.
In his post – he is trying to reach out to his peers and those that “follow” him in social media – he has a message that he felt needed to be “shared” and I think it is an important one for the future and how we go forward.
The whole scantily dressed thing has been going on forever however these days it is so in your face – it’s pretty unfortunate that this “family sport” has continued to get more extreme with it – in turn putting parents on guard when they sit the family down to watch some exciting racing. There have been many camera angles and shots that seemed to have gone too far and catch you be surprise but when can you do? I guess you can let it be known and put your thoughts out there. The same attraction that some “ladies” are looking for – so is the media. They want to get viewers so they turn to the “shock and awe” factor. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to blame “ladies” for this scenario – but if more of these types of thoughts were out there instead of the latter – well then we would see more wholesome athletically dressed women out there… Something every lady could sport and feel sexy in a more appropriate way.
Ladies remember that there are so many little ladies out there that look up to you and want to emulate you – strive to be the best you  can be by having respect for yourself and demanding others respect you equally.
Men be respectful of women don’t treat them like an object – Remember behind every great man in an even greater woman.
~ Nancy Sabater