March’s MOTO PATRIOT shout out…

MOTO PATRIOT for March – Trey Canard.

Here is the <post> via Trey Canard’s Facebook page that caught my interest and below are my thoughts on it.

Food for thought. Adultery in the act requires two individuals.. This passage could really hit home with us guys out there and I think it should, but I want you ladies to think about this for a minute.. When you want guys to stare at you and you take off more and more clothes to get his attention, do you realize the depth of what is happening? What is happening is your degrading yourself to less than you are and he is mesmerized because naturally he’s attracted to you because you’re beautiful. What I’m saying is this. You’re ultimately searching for his love and approval but what he’s giving is lust and turning you into an object. He will never love you more until he falls in love with the person you are without just being attracted to you physically. Guys respect these ladies enough to not approve of their half naked bodies, they are searching for your approval and you have the ability to tell them that they are more and have more than showing themselves off to everyone who is tempted to look.
 In America we are thankfully able to exercise free speech and while some people choose to use that freedom to talk “trash” and talk about things that aren’t really helpful – It’s nice to hear some critiquing that can actually be helpful and isn’t meant to be hurtful. Trey’s words seemed very heartfelt as he has been in the sport of Motocross and Supercross for many years. That said he has most likely been put in situations or just found himself surrounded by some less than wanted circumstance – unfortunately that is unavoidable.
In his post – he is trying to reach out to his peers and those that “follow” him in social media – he has a message that he felt needed to be “shared” and I think it is an important one for the future and how we go forward.
The whole scantily dressed thing has been going on forever however these days it is so in your face – it’s pretty unfortunate that this “family sport” has continued to get more extreme with it – in turn putting parents on guard when they sit the family down to watch some exciting racing. There have been many camera angles and shots that seemed to have gone too far and catch you be surprise but when can you do? I guess you can let it be known and put your thoughts out there. The same attraction that some “ladies” are looking for – so is the media. They want to get viewers so they turn to the “shock and awe” factor. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to blame “ladies” for this scenario – but if more of these types of thoughts were out there instead of the latter – well then we would see more wholesome athletically dressed women out there… Something every lady could sport and feel sexy in a more appropriate way.
Ladies remember that there are so many little ladies out there that look up to you and want to emulate you – strive to be the best you  can be by having respect for yourself and demanding others respect you equally.
Men be respectful of women don’t treat them like an object – Remember behind every great man in an even greater woman.
~ Nancy Sabater

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