April’s MOTO PATRIOT Shout Out…

Moto Patriot for April: Levi Kilbarger

Levi Kilbarger photo credit Motocross Action Magazine

Levi Kilbarger
photo credit Motocross Action Magazine

Searching for some GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) updates last week – I stumbled upon news that an XC2 pro racer, Rory Mead from New Zealand had a high speed crash into a tree during  Round 3 -GNCC  in Morganton, North Carolina. Rory was in the final lap of the race holding second place and making a hard charge to the lead when he veered off trail at a high rate of  speed and hit a large tree.  His injury was pretty serious – as early reports indicated he had severe fractures in his neck.

I do not personally know Rory however in this Moto-Community we are family – we are friends. We understand the battles and understand the willingness that it takes to be on top in this off-road sport. We have an unspoken bond through our motorcycles and sport and we will support each other.

Through the articles that I was reading about Rory’s injury I learned that his friend Levi Kilbarger from Ohio, an accomplished  professional Supercross racer had put together a “GO FUND ME” contribution page on Rory’s behalf.  As mentioned – Rory is from New Zealand… very far from home and will surely be in need of help to pay for his medical bills and it was in no time at all that Levi seemed to get right to it – striking while the iron is hot. The posted goal for funding is $40,000 and today I checked the site and saw it is already at $33,000! There has been 449 donations in only 6 days…Amazing! I know that there are very possibly many other people doing other wonderful things on behalf of Rory – today there is to begin an online raffle by Rory Mead’s Team “Dirt Wise” – this raffle will go on through the week and the winners of multiple prizes will be announced after the next GNCC race in South Carolina.

Rory Mead - Dirt Wise - XC2 photo credit Dirt Wise

Rory Mead – Dirt Wise – XC2
photo credit Dirt Wise



The Moto Patriot is a hat any of us can wear or claim when we reach out to do good in our Moto-Community and while many people may not stop to think about it consciously it’s important to continue to give a thumbs up to those that truly reach out to do something special.

There can be no hesitation in you while you are racing Supercross – it’s fast pace and technical attributes do not leave room for any ounce of pause. Your split second decisions can be life changing – and the same can be said to the quick reaction that Rory’s friend Levi took by starting that “Go Fund Me” page. And although perhaps not every visitor to that page has donated – yet perhaps they shared that page with someone who did – or maybe they sent well wishes to someone who is right now frustrated in a hospital bed just willing himself well so he can get back out in the dirt.

In the big picture we may seem small – but we need to know that together we are big and powerful. It doesn’t matter if you are a Supercross Racer, Motocross Racer, GNCC Racer or just Weekend Dirt Warrior – we love to play in the dirt and when one of us gets hurt – we want to help out in the ways that we can so we can get back to the dirt sports we love – together.

Best wishes for a full and fast recovery for Rory Mead and a Big “Thumbs Up” for his riding friend and                               Moto Patriot Levi Kilbarger.

Happy Trails,

Nancy Sabater

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