May 2014 the Moto Patriot “SHOUT OUT”

“Off Road Motorcycle Awareness Month”Motorcycle Awareness

Many States in the past have issued a “Proclamation” promoting motorcycle safety. You may have heard that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month – It seems completely appropriate since we are all ready to shake off winter and head outdoors for some of that fresh spring air. We are not alone in that – Our roads get filled with people cruising around and with Motorcycle ridership increasing – there is a definite need to create a greater awareness for those of us on the road.

When you hear Motorcycle Awareness you very likely think about Motorcyclists on the road and those that share the road with them– however I think we should expand awareness to include the off-road motorcyclist community. Let’s take a look at what an Off-Road Motorcycle Awareness Month Proclamation – might include for those participating in off-road motorcycling including its spectators.

Here is the MOTO PATRIOT Proclamation that the Month of May be forever recognized as

“Off Road Motorcycle Awareness Month”

  • WHEREAS, off-road motorcycling is an increasingly popular family      oriented sport. The general public is more exposed to these sports with      television broadcasting many off-road series races as well as through      social media. With more people wanting to get involved in the sport it is      important to educate and promote basic safety and fundamentals of the      sport. It has been a great avenue to promoting sportsmanship, improving      ones motor skills, promoting good work ethic and increases a child’s      eagerness to be a good student as well as keeping them out of trouble.
  • WHEREAS, many of those that have grown up in the sport of off-road      motorcycling have been known to continue their successes into their      adulthood, thus becoming respected contributors in their communities.
  • WHEREAS, the off-road motorcycling community has numerous      pro-active ambassadors in their sport, there are many great motorcycling      organizations and clubs that promote skill and safety instruction.

Rider – WHEREAS, to use safe equipment and proper safety gear at all times. To understand the facility and organizations rules – regulations and requirements. Understanding and obeying markers and flags. Competing or participating respectfully with others – remembering to treat people as you wish to be treated on and off the course. To never ride above your ability – knowing continued practice will increase your skill. To be a good sport – although it may be a difficult task to hold in your disappointment from time to time it is best to keep a positive attitude and look forward to future events as well as congratulating your competition on a good ride goes a long way. Show appreciation to those that help and encourage you and look for ways to lend them a hand when you can. If you see a potential safety issue make the facility personnel aware – be proactive instead of reactive. Help a young rider improve their skill – remember to be a positive ambassador for your sport as it is a good step to growing the sport as well as protecting the sport.  When you come in contact with Spectators give them room and respect their space as best as you can – keep in mind that these are fans of the sport you participate in and they play an important role in the growth and success of the sport as well – if the opportunity presents itself introduce yourself to some and you may make some new friends and even inspire them to ride!

Spectator – WHEREAS, do not enter the course during its use. To understand that you are responsible for your own safety and riders and facility personnel are the only people allowed on the course. Know that most courses are roped or fenced off – this is simply a reference however there is always a possibility that a rider or bike may come off the course and you need to stay aware at all times.  If you bring children or pets please keep their safety in mind as well -do not allow them to wander unattended. Do not throw objects at the riders or on the course.  If you see a potential problem on the course or anywhere tell the facility personnel. Dress appropriately – although you are there to watch the action, you should be aware that you could get hit with roost in the form of rocks and mud.  If you are anywhere in a “pit area” you need to be aware that riders may be in a time pressed situation and may need to get to their pit quickly – stay aware of your surroundings and respect these riders – give them space to get by.  Obviously you are a fan of the sport – you paid your entrance fees and you’re looking to have an excitement filled day – you’re an important element to the sport as well and if you have a great and safe time you’re most likely going to return possibly with a few more friends!

NOW, THEREFORE, the MOTO PATRIOT, does hereby recognize the month of May as

OFF-ROAD MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS MONTH everywhere there is off-road riding and calls this

observance to the attention of all.


This Proclamation is something that can always be improved upon. I encourage you to think about how you can promote Off-Road Motorcycle Awareness in your moto-community. May is simply one month – however we should encourage motorcycling safety and awareness year-round.  Most of it is just common sense and some of it – well maybe we just don’t think about its importance that often.

Ride Safe & Have Fun!

Nancy Sabater



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