#becauseitmatters Campaign

A new the Moto Patriot campaign… #becauseitmattersbecauseitmatters
Hi All! In this economy there is growth happening with On-Road Motorcycling and I’ve been thinking that the ranks of the AMA and other Motorcycling advocacy organizations should be expanding with it. This will create more advocates for Motorcyclists. I know first hand that we can work together for the common good in the sports we love and as I have said in the past it doesn’t matter what surface you choose to ride. So I ask the Motorcycle Dealerships to help grow the ranks – because unfortunately Motorcyclists are going to need advocates at some time or another.
There are two sides to the American Motorcyclist Association, the Racing side and the Non-Profit Government Relations side – whose mission statement is “To promote the motorcycling lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling”…
We need to celebrate those that do this! It’s the dealers that have that first encounter with the rider – The dealer that wants to build a re-pore with that customer not just through a sale but through service and support.
So many people get involved in Motorcycling that are completely new to it – and with that they may have no idea about such organizations and why they are important to Motorcycling as a whole.
Why some dealerships do not have AMA links on their websites still makes me cringe.
If you know a dealer that does make it a point to talk about the AMA or such organizations please feel free to attach their link here or tag them in this picture. The #becauseitmatters campaign is not meant as a negative or to make anyone look bad – Rather a way to just say *This could make a difference – you can make a difference – it’s a small step that can make huge strides in Motorcycle Advocacy – which helps our Moto-Community… #becauseitmatters
Thank You ~ Happy Riding!

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