February’s MOTO PATRIOT shout out…

Moto Patriot for February:
Professional Supercross Racer Eli Tomac. Last night during the Monster Energy Supercross race in Dallas, TX a short story was highlighted during the race about how Eli Tomac had received a letter about a young motocross racer Sammy Cordova who had been seriously injured. This letter written by Sammy’s friend Brody, really moved Eli that he felt compelled to invite Brody to the Dallas Supercross as his guest. In doing that it shows that the Moto-Community is an extension of your family and we support each other on the good days and the not so good days. It shows that we want to give back and look to build this sport by being good advocates for it – as well as being a positive influence.
Media can play an important roll in highlighting such actions and I give them a big thumbs up for doing so in Dallas.
Please go to the page below and share your positive thoughts with the Cordova Family and Supporters. ~Nancy Sabater.
Prayers for Sammy Cordova

Doing Work!… “Thumbs Up” for Chris Horgan & Stewards of the Sequoia

I just read a wonderful article in the American Motorcyclist Associations off-road edition about how Chris started this group and what he and his volunteers have been able to do – keeping trails open, working with other organizations (even those that aren’t moto~oriented) keeping trails maintained as well as dealing with officials. If you are out west I would suggest going to their website and trying to get involved…we are in this together and there are many ways to help – just sharing is a way to help the cause. ~Nancy (***Chris Horgan and those many Volunteers are definitely “Moto-Patriots”***) http://stewardsofthesequoia.org/

Stewards of the Sequoia

Stewards of the Sequoia

Is Supercross Missing Opportunities?

Thank Goodness for Supercross this time of year! Winter has been pretty harsh for many of us and cozying up to our televisions for some Supercross racing action just warms you up…

That said watching 3 hours of Supercross programing I can’t help but think “Is Supercross Missing Opportunities?”

Opportunities for what? tv

Opportunities to briefly bring attention to some of the issues that develop in the motorcycling community. It just doesn’t make any sense to me that for almost 3 hours of airtime they can’t highlight an issue – I mean just pick one and talk about it – bring attention to it and educate your viewers who obviously are fans and would support the motorcyclist lifestyle. This has always been an issue with me – even during the Lead Law. I am not saying that there was nothing said about that issue but clearly there could have been much more. I understand the industry and advertisers make up of the majority of broadcasting – really thou – I thought we were in this together. The industry and the promoters need to be more about the future and not all about the now. How many blah-blah-blah moments of nothing really important do we need to hear from commentators – what is truly needed is more thoughtful programing which will lead to better developing the sport and moto- community as a whole.



Possible Land Grab!

I think we can all agree that we need to tread lightly and be good stewards of this land  –

We also need to  respect our Nations Monuments and there  surroundings.


That said we should remain vigilant and be aware that there are many people that would like to prevent off-roaders from accessing the wilds of America and designate more and more land as a National Monument, thus preventing us from accessing acres and acres of recreation land.

The AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) is asking us to send a letter to our Representatives about this issue and they have made that process incredibly easy – I urge you to please go to the link and submit your information so that your letter will reach the appropriate Representatives. Also please “SHARE” that link with your email and social media contacts.

Happy Trails!




E15 Comment Deadline Approaching!

Lets talk numbers…

28 – January 28 is the deadline to submit your comments regarding this Ethanol (E15) – do your own research on this and you will hear countless stories of the harm Ethanol is already doing to our motorcycles.

7000 – That is the number of motorcyclists that have already submitted their comments…if you are one of them YAY YOU!!!

22 Million… that is the number of Motorcyclists and all-terrain riders that ethanol is potentially effecting.. COUNTLESS – countless others will be effected to – from farmers, landscapers, construction workers… it’s endless – so don’t stop with talking to your motorcyclist friends – tell anyone you know.

Here is your LINK for submitting comments on E15.

(information from the AMA)

Welcome to The Moto Patriot

Amber and Cheyenne at the AMA Capital Hill Climb

Amber and Cheyenne at the AMA Capital Hill Climb

Welcome to The Moto Patriot!

I have wanted to put this website together for some time now and finally went forward and made it happen.

I have been on  Facebook for years  – first I started with a page called Maryland Supports KIDS JUST WANT TO RIDE ACT and once I tried to rename the page The Moto Patriot, Facebook wouldn’t let me so I had to start a new page. Looking back at that first page brings back so many great memories and I am hopeful that all of you Moto Patriots will continue to connect with me so that we will be able to continue to support the sport we love.

Motorcyclists are a unique group of people our sport is filled with characters of all ages. We are adventurists and lovers of the freedom feelings we get from our ride. It truly doesn’t matter what you ride – street or dirt – or even concrete (flat trackers) it is a universal kinship that we have for our wheels and I believe that we can all work together to support the motorcycle lifestyle.

I want to encourage you to reach out to others and share with them your stories of your motorcycle life. The more you connect with others and give them an inside look at the wonderful way motorcycling has effected you and how you use those experiences in your day to day life the more possible it is that you will have a supporter to your cause when you may need them.

There are always going to be issues that effect motorcyclists and we need to be ready to learn about what those issues are and how we can get involved to make a difference. We need to stay connected and we need to be supportive of those organizations that put in the time to let us know what is happening.

I hope you will check here from time to time to stay connected and I encourage you to share this site with your family and friends.