I have been interviewed by some wonderful people!  In 2011 I received an  invitation to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Washington D.C. where I was interviewed on stage by Author and Motorcyclist Liz Jansen – that was a really great experience and at the time incredibly nerve racking! It went well and there is a link here to view it. Something that sticks out in my mind about this day is that if the Lead Law battle hadn’t been beat for youth ohv’s this motorcycle show would have looked very different. I could look around and see little kids hoping on little dirt bikes – playing pretend and envisioning themselves  cresting hills and going fast…! It would have looked very different that day – that convention center would not have been so full of future motorcycle dreams.

Interviews & Podcasts:

Open Road Radio (podcast) January 7, 2012

Biker Broadcasting’s “Mr. Z” (podcast) January 11, 2012

Pit Pass Radio (podcast) January 31, 2012

Liz Jansen (podcast/Skype interview) January 23, 2014



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