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The Moto Patriot (Who is The Moto Patriot? You are if you choose to be) I truly feel that when you take action on motorcyclists issues, via – social media, phone calls, letters to your editor, Contacting your Legislators, contacting dealerships, talking to your friends-family and neighbors as well as fellow riders – you are doing something toward the cause of protecting our rights… You are The Moto Patriot! You need to encourage your circle of people to do the same and ask them to carry that message and so on …

The Name…

It was an energetic phone conversation with American Motorcyclist Association Government Relations team member Jessica Irving. Jessica was my contact at the AMA. If I needed material for a petition or handouts she would make sure I would get them. I would also call to give updates on events I had attended or a contact I had made.
On this particular day I called Jessica excitingly telling her about all these amazing things these people were doing – average people doing amazing things. Off-Road Motorcycle Families would set up outside of the local grocery stores with the children dressed in their mx gear. They would talk to passersby about the impending Lead Law and explain how it would effect them if it was implemented. Other people were going to motorcycle dealerships talking to the folks there making sure they were aware of the Lead Law.
A picture entered my mind of all these families out and about doing what they could do – fitting it in between school, work and dinner…that’s when it came to me – Moto Patriots! I said these people are Patriots – MOTO Patriots! They are fighting for the rights of motorcyclists and the future of the sport we love!

>>>The Moto Patriot is a grassroots effort to get involved in issues that concern motorcycling and the freedoms of responsible motorcyclists. We are united – whether you love to ride in the dirt or on the road we can agree that our passion for 2 wheels is fierce and we must remain pro-active to protect our freedoms.
As a Member of the AMA, I have learned what a value they are to any rider. Working with them on the exemption of youth ohv’s to the CPSIA “Lead Law” there is no doubt that they are a huge advocate for us in Washington D.C. I urge people to consider becoming a member of the AMA – so that our voices will be louder when it comes to the challenges we will face as motorcyclists.
The Moto Patriot ARE people that are willing to get involved and be pro-active and vocal – they are Patriots because of the passion they have for the sport they love. They look to the future of motorcycling and see it for what it is…Worth Fighting For.

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