2014 – I am very happy and excited  to share this news…I will be writing a column called none other than…“The Moto Patriot” in the online youth motocross magazine MX Antix / USA / NZ.  I will have a page labeled MX Antix where I will post my contributed content. This is a great opportunity to connect with youth racers and start them off on a path of awareness regarding respect for your sport and giving back to that sport in the form of activism.

Letter to the Editor:

Letters to your local papers editor are an excellent way to reach your community regarding the issues you are concerned about. Even if your neighbors aren’t motorcyclists they may support your efforts and respect your willingness to reach out and do something. In the case of the Lead Law my community was very interested because we have a National Motocross Track that would have been impacted by the decline of youth riding as well as we are in a rural area where many families have land/farms and this would have impacted the ATV lifestyle as well.

Here is one of the Letters to the Editor about the Kids Just Want To Ride Campaign (Lead Law issue) May 2011Letter to the Editor

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